Hermitage Group is dedicated to building many of New Zealand’s greatest housing developments. We have proven ourselves capable in delivering incredible living environments to the satisfaction of our stakeholders.

Located in proximity to two of Auckland’s most sought after high schools, the Edgerly apartments offer world-class living adjacent to the popular Auckland suburb of Newmarket.

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These luxury apartments have been architecturally designed to deliver a prestigious place to live. With their prime location in St. Marys Bay, their breathtaking views make these simply a cut above.

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Offering a super balance of access to Auckland’s countryside and local amenities, this is one of the greatest places to live in the upcoming Ormiston Town Centre area near Botany Junction. This project encompasses 320 residential properties, a kindergarten and a retirement village.

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With expected excellent investment returns in this area, this is another large scale development near Ormiston Town Centre and Botany Junction. Located in proximity to many sought after schools, shopping areas, and more – this is a major development for Auckland.

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We have invited a mix of NZ’s leading architects and spatial designers to create top-quality living spaces.


Through careful selection of location, we ensure our properties hold long-lasting value and wide-spread appeal.


We are widely experienced and have some of the world’s best amongst our ranks to deliver projects on time and with excellence.


The projects and properties we build hold great investment value and are well sought-after by investors here and abroad.

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