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Hermitage Group delivers expertise and reliability in property and land development projects. The group is experienced in dealing with both New Zealand based and international partners and shows excellence in cooperating with all its associates. Hermitage Group has proven their ability to deliver excellent results time after time.


At present, the Hermitage Group is invested in various projects including The Edgerly Apartments (a multimillion dollar upmarket development in Newmarket), the Bella Vita Apartments in the much-desired St. Marys Bay area, and major developments in the Flat Bush new development zone.


These projects, along with many more, will shape the way New Zealanders live over the coming years, and will play a vital role in ensuring that New Zealand can continue to meet the growing demand for quality housing.


The company prides itself on delivering excellent results through integrity, meticulous planning, and close relationships with many local industry leaders. The prime objective of the Hermitage Group is to ensure its clients have access to quality housing, world-class expertise, and excellent investment opportunities.


The Edgerley – one of Hermitage Group’s most iconic developments